Marque com um X a resposta certa 1-It __ very hot Yesterday
a) were b) were not c) was
2- __ you sick Yesterday
a) were b) was not c) was
3- She __ Very happy Lost week
a) were not b) were c) was
4- I and you __ friends last year
a) were not B) was not c)was
5- I __ so happy Sunday
a) were not b) were c) was
6-My father __ here last Monday
a) was not b) were not c) were
7-I anda my aunt __good friends
a) was b) was not c) were

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x a


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1- letra c)
2-letra c)
3-letra c)
4 letra a)
5- letra c)
6-letra a)
7- letra c)
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When i was a child, i dreamed of being one of those disney princesses, specifically cinderella. but over time tastes change, now only i'm interested in japanese cartoons. (não sei se está certo)
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1- there is
2- there are
3- there are
4- there are
5- there are
6- there is
7- there are
8- there is
9- there is
10- there are

espero que eu tenha ajudado,bjão boa sorte ; )