Os pronomes pessoais em inglês tem a função de indicar pessoa gramática (1ª 2ª ou 3ª) é o número (singular ou plural) do discurso. assim, podem ser "I" ,"you" ,"he" "she", "it", "we" e "they". Relacione os pronomes em inglês classificando-os quando o número é em traduzar


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I - Am

You - Are

He/She/It - Is

We - Are

They - Are

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Inglaterra, canadá, eua, rússia, austrália
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1-i have a big red car.
2- my voice is ugly.
3- what book beautiful.
4- this table is big.
5- this dress is beautiful.
6- this shoe is ugly.
7- she is tall.
8- mariah is cute.
9- he is very low.
10- my sister just takes bad notes.
11- going to the small center is cool.
12-this movie is very cool.
13- my grades are great.
14- this girl is very boring.
15-amanda's house is very large.
16- what she's doing is not cool.
17- yesterday was a fun.
18-her hair is beautiful.
19- her house is pink.
20- her dog is small.

1- i have 16 old
2- i'm living in brazil
3- i'm a high school student.
4- let's go to the small center?
5- where are you from?
6- what are yours dream?
7- never say never.
8- i want to travel to japan.
9- we can't stop.
10- i go to the movie. ai esta,espero ter ajudado ; -)